Dear Emmett

It’s 1 a.m. and I can’t sleep – too many thoughts are spiraling through my head after today at the Capitol for one of the Senate Interim Committee’s hearings on Planned Parenthood.  There were way too many unanswered questions that should’ve been answered with clear policies, procedures, and documents.  My frustrations are keeping me awake.  I can’t promise a perfectly edited post at this hour, but I’ll give it my best.

I started this post to call out the people who are sitting on the sidelines during this whole scandal while others fight for life and the dignity of every human person.  I am so frustrated at the number of people who haven’t watched the videos but try to defend them.  I’m so frustrated at the number of pro-lifers who aren’t acting on the opportunity to expose the abortion Goliath in our country.

I wrote a whole page and I just stared at it…tears starting rolling down my face as I realized the people I left out.  I left out the victims; the innocent little babies who have been torn apart with no dignity in front of millions of viewers to see.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the frustrations that you need a moment to remember what you are fighting for.  I think it’s time for an apology.

Dear Emmett,

I am so sorry.  The country that prides itself on protecting every single one of its citizens has failed you.   Our health system failed you.  Some of our elected officials failed you.  We should’ve been there for you.

People joked around as they picked through your tiny defenseless body.  You were exploited in the most extreme form. 

You must’ve been so comfortable in your mother’s womb, I wonder if you knew it was coming.  I hope it was quick and the pain didn’t last long.  The first and last sensation from a human you experienced was pain, when it should’ve been comfort and a loving embrace.  I wonder if your mother has seen the video…having no idea that you are her son. 

I’m so sorry that people who think they are more valuable than you, are using your precious little parts for experimentation.  The parts you never got to use to their full potential.  While scientists pick through your little heart, thousands of Americans’ hearts break for yours.  Every single part of you was yours, and you were robbed.

Your barbaric death is something that is going to stick with me forever.  It has made me want to fight even harder than ever.  Through the eyes of Dr. Ginde you meant nothing but “products of conception,” to me you meant motivation and passion to keep fighting.

Forgive the others who are too timid to stand up for you.  The ones that fear a loss in popularity or maybe a loss in friendship.  Forgive those that will use the financial gain they received through your remains to buy a new car or a nice dinner- experiences that you will never get to enjoy.

Your name means powerful.  I couldn’t think of a better way to describe you.  Your beautiful soul is so much larger than the small fragile parts shown in the video.  You have inspired many people to take a stand for the greatest gift of all, life.  It’s ironic how Planned Parenthood and Stem Express felt like you were worthless, nothing but a blob of tissue – so then used you (because your parts weren’t valuable for yourself but were for others).  They had no idea how valuable you truly are.  You are worth more than a Lamborghini.  You will be remembered by many as one of the most powerful instigators of truth.  You proved exactly what happens when there is no respect for human life. 

I am so sorry your life was ended much too early, but know your life served a purpose.  A purpose that many of us will never live up to.  Millions of people have seen you and it stirred something within them. 

I know you have a pretty good view on Jesus’ lap to see what we’re are up to down here.  It may look pretty chaotic but trust me.  We aren’t going anywhere until every single baby just like you are protected.