The Truth About the Pill

Students often ask me how the birth control pill is an abortifacient, I thought I would share my response with you as well. If I’m pro-life, and believe that life begins at conception, it would be hypocritical to support the birth control pill and the morning after pill because conception occurs before implantation.  Once the egg and sperm have fused, resulting in a zygote, an entirely new human being with DNA separate from the mother, and makes its way to the uterus and attempts to implant into the lining. The birth control pill and morning after pill prevent implantation by hardening the uterine wall (it would be like throwing a tennis ball at the wall, it’s just going to bounce right back), therefore the zygote can’t implant and dies, being flushed out of the body through the next menstrual cycle.   The birth control pill and morning after pill are abortifacients – which means they can cause an abortion.  We know women aren’t taking these pills to end a pregnancy but sometimes that can occur.

Halfway through Fall 2015!

Wow!  I can’t believe that we have reached the halfway point in the semester already.  This semester has been so busy!  I’m so proud of everything our students are accomplishing so far. They are so inspiring and every day I am more and more confident that we WILL end abortion in our lifetime.

Within the past month and a half, I have already closed six groups!  Students are on fire for LIFE.  The students’ passion to end abortion just gets stronger and stronger.  It is so fun to see all the great ideas they have come up with just within the past month and a half.  So many of my groups participated in their school’s activity fair, Women Betrayed Student Action Day, pro-life chalking, and National Pro-Life Cupcake Day.


I have been traveling a lot already this semester.  I have been to Chicago twice, Galesburg, South Dakota, Columbia, and multiple schools in the St. Louis area.  I’ve visited over 30 schools and traveled more than 4,500 miles!

This Fall I’ve also been speaking at multiple parishes in my region.  Getting to share SFLA’s mission and encouraging parishioners to take a firm stance for life has been so rewarding.  It has been so fun getting to know so many local pro-life supporters.  They are so appreciative of the work I do and want to get more involved in the movement.  It just really has given me so much motivation to keep on working hard on the front lines.

St. Louis Leadership Summit
We had about 35 students present at our Leadership Summit from 14 different schools.  It was so inspiring to see some of our students give up their Saturday to learn more about making their group effective on campus.  There was even a group of girls that came and walked out of the conference ready to start a brand new group at their public school!

We had such a great lineup of speakers and our students LOVED them:
Jay Watts – Life Training Institute
Travis Barham – Alliance Defending Freedom
Andrea Artz – Birth Mother and past Fontbonne SFL President
Ramona Davis – Pregnancy Help Center of South County Director
Faith Otten, Mary Serafino, and Brad Baumgarten – Coalition for Life St. Louis
Jill Stanek – SBA List

stl summit

I can’t wait to see what else the students accomplish this semester and school year!  Stay tuned for more updates in the Midwest!