Dear Stop Patriarchy

By: Reagan Nielsen, Midwest Regional Coordinator, and Anna Held, Great Lakes Regional Coordinator

Every January 22 hundreds of thousands of people march on Washington in protest of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in the United States. While these pro-lifers gathered by the hundreds of thousands for peaceful prayer, structured speeches, respectful laments for lost lives and positive accounts of pro-life victories, there was a very different phenomenon happening at the top of Capitol Hill.

For some reason, Stop Patriarchy thought it would be a good idea to organize a measly counter-protest in response to the enormous March for Life. Students for Life of America made it our personal mission to crash their party and instead welcome the oncoming marchers with pro-life chants and signs.

Because we weren’t given the opportunity to chat over tea with these friendly folks, we decided to write them a letter.

Dear Stop Patriarchy,

Hope you had a safe drive back. Many of our students are currently stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the National Guard had to bring them water. You could call us courageous. Anyway, we just had a couple questions about your protest that we were hoping you could clear up…


  • Why are you wearing white when you are bleeding? That’s like rule #1, dark pants on those dark days. 
  • How come the men are also bleeding? Is this the same form of biology that tells you that fetuses aren’t babies? guy ovaries
  • Where are the rosaries? And where are YOUR ovaries? 
  • How come men can’t March for Life but they can wear chains for “women’s enslavement?”
  • How come you were screaming at us for hating young women…when we are young women? #awk
  • When you fell to the ground to lay down, were you getting tired of standing or were you getting nauseous from all the blood? Either way, thanks for giving up the front row spots for us to stand.
  • Did you actually think the start of the March for Life was the small group of 200 people and that that the snow scared the other hundreds of thousands of people away? We weren’t really sure what you were trying to do when you ran out to stop them…
  • What does it feel like to scream in young women’s faces who are kneeling to pray in front of you?
  • We must misunderstand the word “tolerance”, because shoving people and screaming derogatory slurs doesn’t seem very tolerant to us.stop patriarchy
  • When did women become full human beings? Conception? Birth? Puberty? 



When you’re ready to chat over tea (and by chat we mean indoor voices in clean clothes) let us know, we’re ready.


Reagan and Anna

P.S. Because you seem to be ill-informed…we are not the pro-choice generation. WE ARE THE PRO-LIFE GENERATION.

Your Local March for Life

Happy New Year! I’m sure you all are already connected with your local March/Walk for Life, but here is the info. Be sure to have a presence…young people are a hit at these!

Illinois, Jan 16, Chicago:
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Kansas, Jan 22, Topeka:
Missouri, Jan 30, Jefferson City:
Nebraska, Jan 30, Lincoln:…/uplo…/2015/12/Walk-2016.pdf