National Pro-Life Gen Sidewalk Day

On August 6, students across the country participated in SFLA’s National Pro-Life Gen Sidewalk Day. Students peacefully prayed and sidewalk counseled at their local abortion facility. In the Midwest, we had students in Bellevue, Lincoln, Des Moines, Aurora, Granite City, St. Louis, and Overland Park. Read some of our students’ recaps of the day below!

Lincoln, NE

Photo Aug 06, 1 52 32 PM

We arrived at our local Planned Parenthood at 7 am to find that it was closed, we were expecting to have around 30 people there to pray throughout the morning. After seeing it was closed, a group of five of us went to Bellevue, Nebraska abortion facility. There was another group out there and we prayed with them. After about 45 minutes of no cars coming into the parking lot, I called to see if it was open. They were not taking any appointments that day. I thought it was ironic how it was so difficult to find a facility that promotes easy access. Our group then packed up to go to Omaha’s Planned Parenthood where we spent the remainder of our time praying and counseling the women going into the clinic. The security guard came out to talk to us and tell us about rules of private property (which we were already respecting). 10 minutes later in our conversation, he admitted that he knew what was going on inside the facility was bad. He said he would look at the website I truly believe we planted some seeds in that worker on Saturday. We also referred 2 other workers to the abortion worker website and gave 3 women literature of our pregnancy centers. The day turned into a road trip, but we saw many graces come out of it. – Alexa B.

Overland Park, KS

Photo Aug 06, 1 34 41 PM

We were at the Planned Parenthood in Overland Park. We had about 10 participants with us but other groups were out on the sidewalk as well. We were unable to talk to any women. However, we remained vigilant and prayerful throughout the day. It was difficult to be out there and not get immediate gratification but it was a wonderful learning experience. It has also inspired me and others who were out there to take stock in the pro-life movement. I had friends who came who do not have a pro-life club at their school ask me how to get involved with students for life. I am excited to go out on the sidewalks again and try to speak to women and save children again.  – Marin B.

Aurora, IL

The pro-life gen was on fire at the Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood! We began at 6:30 in the morning and were chalking while the workers arrived. Throughout the course of the day we had about 10 young people (in addition to the regular sidewalk counselors) come out to pray, sidewalk counsel, and witness for life.

There was a family, with a 4 year old boy named Isaac, that came out to sidewalk counsel on Saturday. Isaac’s presence really kept us going. Even though he barely had any clue where he was or what his family was doing, he was so energetic and happy. We even recruited him to help with our chalk!

I found Aurora to be insanely difficult to sidewalk counsel at because it is so closed off. Planned Parenthood has planted trees around nearly the entire facility and the parking lot and entrance are private property. They also play loud music to try to distract from the pro-life presence. It makes it very hard to reach out to the women entering the clinic; but, I think that just illustrates why it’s so important that the pro-life gen is out there and ready to be a loving presence!  – Brie H.

Granite City, IL


On National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day, five students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Edwardsville came together to stand in peaceful and prayerful counseling outside of Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL. While there, they were able to spread a message of love and support through contact with patients, family members, and clinic workers. When a confrontational family member approached them, the students were able to vocalize their purpose through a respectful conversation that led to the gentleman thanking them for their offering of resources. Because of the training received from SFLA and Sidewalk Advocates for Life, the students were able to influence lives and spread their belief that pro-life is pro-love. – Kasey Schwartz

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