How the Midwest kicked abortion in the hiney, Fall 2016

Fall 2016 was another successful semester for SFLA! In fact we have more than 1,100 groups across the country now! WOW! Every semester I like to brag about how awesome Midwest students are by showing off their accomplishments. Note that I had so many accomplishments to choose from this was difficult!

Amazing Events

  • St. Ignatius College Prep lined their hallways with school pictures of every student, after every 4th picture there was a black box to represent the 1/4 of their school gone to abortion.
  • Multiple schools participated in the National Sidewalk Day. They stood outside their local abortion facility to pray, sidewalk counsel, and stand for life.

Southern IL University (Edwardsville and Carbondale) SFL leaders

  • Benet Academy hosted a fundraiser, “Nacho life to take” and it was awesome

  • Gretna Dragons for Life sent a demand letter to their high school demanding they be given equal rights compared to other school clubs. The school decided to no longer allow school clubs to meet during homeroom, but have them all meet before or after school. Even though this isn’t the decision we hoped for, Dragons for Life is now treated equally compared to the other school clubs.


  • A couple high school groups participated in baby blanket making parties. These parties were a fun event for students to hang out but also make those fleece tie blankets for local pregnancy centers.
  • Pretty much every group participated in National Sidewalk Chalking Day but University of Nebraska – Lincoln had like professional artists and an army involved.

  • Lindenwood SFL hosted a petition asking their campus to provide childcare for parenting students

  • St. Louis University (Med, Law and undergrad SFL group) hosted Dr. Wong, a former abortionist at their school.
  • Central College Students for Life stood in front of Walmart and handed out shopping lists to customers, the shopping lists had items needed for the local pregnancy center.
  • Bradley SFL hosted a pinwheel display to represent the lives lost to abortion

  • Missouri State Bears for Life hosted a Cemetery of the Innocents, representing the lives lost to abortion each day

  • University of Iowa hosted an “I <3 Adoption” tabling event. Students wrote why the love adoption and taped the reason to a big display.

  • Truman State SFL handed on pregnancy tests in the student center with their local pregnancy center resources
  • We had SO many groups participate in diaper and baby item drives this semester. These items will benefit so many mothers in need. THANK YOU!!

University of Iowa SFL and Iowa State SFL Protested Cecile…and it was amazing

I was informed by ISU SFL that Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, would be making a few appearances in Iowa for Hillary’s campaign. ISU SFL showed up to her first event to ask Cecile questions. David ended up getting a PP shirt and a picture with Cecile – she even introduced him to someone! LOL. ISU SFL protested her event that evening. The next day, Univ of Iowa SFL protested her event on their campus. They had big pink posters with the truth behind PP. Way to take a stand pro-life gen!

SFLA Tours

Cycle of Corruption

With the election this Fall, SFLA felt it was important for students to promote the idea of voting pro-life first. This was a great approach to discussing the election on campus because not only were we encouraging students to vote pro-life first for President, but also for Congress and local officials.

The display showed students where each party stood on abortion, how the majority of Americans are actually pro-life, and how money from Planned Parenthood goes to support pro-choice politicians. There was also an interactive piece on the last panel that encouraged students to pledge to stand in solidarity for the dignity of the human person.

In the month of September, I visited 10 schools with the tour.  The majority of the students were receptive of the message, but of course we had those that threw the informational cards back at us. At least they participated!

Mizzou SFL

Human Rights Display

I also traveled to 13 schools this semester with SFLA’s tabletop display, When Do Human Rights Begin? This is an incredible display that shows fetal development and then asks students to vote on when they think human rights should begin. It’s a great conversation starter and also a great recruiting tool for our groups.

Concordia University

SWOS PonC Display

This is a great display to bring to campuses for SFL groups to engage the student body on what they think their school’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and solutions are to helping pregnant and parenting students. I traveled to Kansas State with the display and will be traveling to other schools with it in the Spring.

St. Louis Leadership Summit

  • 19 SFLA Student Groups in attendance
  • Speakers included: Dr. Vansen Wong– a former abortionist, Tim Brahm from Equal Rights Institute, Lisa Atkins and Reagan Barklage from SFLA, Coalition for Life St. Louis, Matt Totre from Thrive St. Louis

Oh yeah, and one of our student leaders has a pro-life hedgehog 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


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